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Delaware and Maryland Fishing Reports

Old Inlet Bait & Tackle Fishing Report

Updated: July 27th, 2015 @ 12:55pm
Summer shark surf fishing season is in full swing. Lots of people trying for sharks off the beach. Be sure to know the Shark Regulations before you go. The regulations are on page 13 of the Delaware Fishing Guide. DNREC is aggressively enforcing the regulations! Don't get fined for beaching protected shark species. July 24 Croakers croakers and more croakers!. Inlet is loaded with them in the 8-10 inch range. Everything else is a victim of the summer slow down. Water temp is like bath water. July 14th - Snapper blues hit the Inlet this morning on the last part of the incoming tide. Hope they stick around for a while. Other than that the fishing report is pretty much the same. Did see a juvenile hammer head shark caught on the surf at Conquest Sunday morning. Tautog season reopens on Friday July 17. 15" minimum size 5 a day July 7 - Hard to believe that July 4th has already come and gone! The summer season is in full swing! The Inlet is offering croakers and flounder during the day. Squid strips and bloodworms are doing the trick. Hearing about a few blues and shad on the daytime incoming tide as well. The best striper bite is at night floating sand fleas and eels. Mostly shorts but those willing to put the time in have a a better chance of being rewarded with the elusive keeper. The surf is a mixed bag of pan fish. Croakers, blues and kingfish. No spot yet. Fresh bunker, frozen mullet and live bloods are the most popular baits. Starting to hear about mullet in the bay. These are the black back river mullet. Not the same mullet that run in late August and September. The summer surf fishing season is starting. Please know the rules before you go! Pretty good flounder action reported at B Buoy, the Old grounds and Site 10. Big Spro bucktails tipped with a long squid trailer are the preferred bait.
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