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Delaware and Maryland Fishing Reports

Old Inlet Bait & Tackle Fishing Report

Updated: April 24th, 2015 @ 2:12pm
Quick update going in to the weekend. The 5 pound blues are still here but so is the wind. Trick is to find a spot not as windy with cleaner water. Thursday they caught at Beach Plum and Broadkill. Today it may be different. Short stripers reported in the Inlet Thursday and Friday morning. One of our guys had 19 one morning a nine the next. Bill Weichardt weighed in a 5.57 blue taken in the Inlet on 4/22. It hit a kastmaster. News Flash! 10:45 Am Tuesday April 21 A couple of guys from the Coast Guard reported birds working in the Inlet. They landed two 30 inch bluefish and one 30 inch striper less than an hour ago! Capt Scotty on the Rehoboth Star submitted this report from the weekend - "sailed the last weekend.. fri had a pick around the boat with a handful of guys.. limited out.. sat was a little better.. high hook had 6 keepers, keeping legal limit.. several outher limits.. sunday, the weatherman got it wrong, by ten am the wind was honking and so were the fish.. rosco had his 7 keeper blackfish and one tog by eleven plus his share of shorts and several others that fished caught theirs.. some had a tough day in the cabin.. we docked at 1:30 and called it a day.. water was dirty and the tide from the moon was screeming.. looks good for fri/sat/sun... we are off the moon and the current wont be a factor... we have clam and crabs for bait.. almost all the fish were caught on clams.. 302-727-6601 for reservations" Reel Women fishing team reported 16 short stripers on Assateague Friday and Saturday April 20 More reports of short stripers on Assateague and 3R's over the weekend. A couple of shorts reported from Indian River Inlet too. Bob Mebane, of Felton weighed in a 4.75 pound flounder caught in the Indian River Inlet on a minnow. Weather up north still has the green crab supply disrupted. Sand fleas still a month away. So until then its clams and shrimp for tautog. Fresh bunker should be here around noon on Tuesday. April 18 - Reports of short stripers on 3R's. Short stripers and black drum on Assateague. Good flounder bite in the Lewes Canal. April 17 Fresh bunker and bloodworms just came in. Fresh Surf clams due in tomorrow morning. Still no green crabs due to cold weather up north. Flounder bite picked up in the Indian River bay this week. Several boats limited out on 20 inch fish several days in a row. Outgoing tide - minnows and shiners Had a few more reports of short stripers on the beach this week. A few tautog in the Inlet. Not many stripers reported in the Inlet. April 13 Coast Guard reports they will be putting the aids to navigation back in the Indian River and Rehoboth Bays starting April 27. Things are starting to pop now that the weather has gotten more spring-like. Report of a keeper striper on Broadkill on Saturday and then a couple of shorts caught on The Cape Sunday. Had a report of one keeper flounder and some shorts in the Indian River bay. Two keeper tautog caught in the Inlet Monday morning. Hope to have green crabs and bloodworms this week. Maine got some April snow and disrupted the supply for a couple of days. Fresh bunker due in Tuesday! April 1- Regulation Alert: Effective May 11, 2015, Striped Bass regulations for 2015: 2 fish per day. Length: 28" to 37" or more than 44". The summer regulation for the Bay estuary is now 20"-25" Bottom line, Option CE1 was adopted. The short version is that there is a NO TAKE slot from 37" to 44". Any striped Bass caught in that size cannot be kept. Remember, there is a maximum of 2 fish per day, not 2 fish per size range. The usual spawning grounds closure begins today. Annual Spring Surf Fishing Tournament - Saturday May 9 The first tournament of the spring is less than 6 weeks away. Tournament info is available on line and in the store.
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