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Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Rehoboth Beach, DelawareImagine that first glimpse of the ocean, that stretch of blue-green that trails off forever into the horizon. Imagine the oaks and pines that shade the residential streets and the landmarks that make Rehoboth Beach, such as the huge, orange Dolle's sign shading the Boardwalk. It is a combination of these things that has attracted millions of visitors, and given Rehoboth the honor of being "The Nation's Summer Capital."

Rehoboth has an eclectic population of artists, politicians and social activists. The area also has a thriving gay community whose members play an active role in cultural and civic groups. As Rehoboth Beach continues to grow, city leaders worry it may lose some of what makes it special, such as the beach cottages and tree-lined neighborhoods.

It all began when the "Sea Hath Spoken." The Reverand Robert W. Todd was worn out in the summer of 1872 after weeks of camp meeting services in Wilmington, Del., so the Methodist pastor retreated to the Ocean Grove Camp on the New Jersey shore. Upon returning to Wilmington, Todd told his flock about his revival in a sermon using the words, "And the sea hath spoken." In the weeks that followed, Todd was consumed with the idea of a religious retreat by the sea. He said his vision of Rehoboth Beach came to him in a dream.

The Rehoboth Beach Camp Meeting Association, created by the Methodist Episcopal Church, purchased 400 acres in what is now central Rehoboth Beach for just under $10,000. Lots were laid out to form a fan shape, to give all landowners a view of the sea. It wasn't long and the first camp meeting started in the summer of 1873. Worshippers built humble, framed cottages called "tents," starting in the area that is now called The Grove. It only lasted about eight years.

Rehoboth Beach, DelawareApproximately 14 years later, an attempt was made to revive the camp meeting, and in that first year dozens of lots were sold. The bylaws were interesting in that anyone within a mile of the camp was expected to abide by the rules. Thus the very first hotel was built in what is now Dewey Beach. The hotel, known as The Douglass House, was just outside the one-mile limit, meaning patrons could consume alcoholic beverages, unlike those staying in Rehoboth Beach.

As time moved on more and more people flocked to the area to seek that quiet resort vacation. It took some folks approximately two days to travel to Rehoboth in a Model-T Ford, with many stops to change and repair flat tires. Others preferred to come a different way by taking the train and ferry. However, it was the construction of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, which opened July 30, 1952, and then the addition of a second span, which opened June 28, 1973, that really brought about change, and a large influx of people, to Rehoboth Beach. Later, the annexation of Rehoboth Heights, now south Rehoboth, nearly doubled the size of the newly popular city.

Others credit Rehoboth's boom to housing developments such as Pot-Nets and Indian Landing that were created in 1962 on the Long Neck Peninsula. There was also Wall Street's stellar ride with technology stocks in the mid-1990s, a boom that carried many into the second-home market.

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Rehoboth Beach Restaurants

1776 RestaurantRehoboth Beach, DE302-645-9355
59 LakeRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-5900
AbstractionsRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-0877
Adriatico Italian RestaurantRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-9255
Aqua GrillRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-9001
Arena's DeliRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-3895
Atlantic Seafood CompanyRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-2093
Back Porch CafeRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-3674
Beach LuncheonetteRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-2309
Big Fish GrillRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-9007
Blue Moon RestaurantRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-6515
Bona PizzaRehoboth Beach, DE302-644-2223
Cafe PapillonRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-7568
Cafe SoleRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-7107
Cafe ZeusRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-0400
Captain's Table RestaurantRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-6203
Casa Di NapoliRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-0550
Casa DileoRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-8660
Casapulla's SouthRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-7827
Catchers Crab & Lobster HouseRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-1808
CelsiusRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-5767
Chez La MerRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-6494
China WokRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-8545
ChopstickRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-1549
Claws CrabhouseRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-2529
Confusious Chinese CuisineRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-3848
Crabby DicksRehoboth Beach, DE302-645-9132
Crystal RestaurantRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-1088
Cultured PearlRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-8493
DishRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-2112
Dogfish Head Brewings & EatsRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-2739
Dos LocosRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-3353
Eden CafeRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-3330
El DoradoRehoboth Beach, DE302-645-1596
EspumaRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-4199
FinbarRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-1873
Fins Fish HouseRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-3467
Franco's Pizza and PastaRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-3454
Frogg Pond TavernRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-2234
FusionRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-1940
Go FishRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-1044
Grottos PizzaRehoboth Beach, DE302-645-5880
Gus & Gus PlaceRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-3329
Hobo's Restaurant & BarRehoboth Beach, De302-226-2226
Iguana GrillRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-0948
Irish Eye'sRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-5758
Italian Cafe & PizzeriaRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-8597
Jake's Seafood HouseRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-6237
Jammin' JoesRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-8699
Japonica RestaurantRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-3116
Jerry's Subs & PizzaRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-9600
Just In ThymeRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-3100
Kannery Sub ShopRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-5006
La La LandRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-3887
La Tolteca Mexican RestaurantRehoboth Beach, DE302-644-3994
Louie's PizzaRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-6002
Mama Celeste's PizzeriaRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-4482
Mariachi Restaurant & BarRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-0115
NageRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-2037
Nicola PizzaRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-2654
Obie's by the SeaRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-6261
Ocean Point GrillRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-1127
Panda Chinese BuffetRehoboth Beach, DE302-644-7198
Partners BistroRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-0207
Pig & Fish RestaurantRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-7770
Planet X CafeRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-1928
Purple ParrotRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-1139
Rams Head TavernRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-0807
Red Square Restaurant & Caviar BarRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-7782
Rehoboth DinerRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-0908
Restaurante SaleroRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-8630
Retro CafeRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-9752
Ristorante ZebraRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-1160
Roadhouse Steak JointRehoboth Beach, DE302-645-8273
Robin Hood RestaurantRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-0770
Roly Poly SandwichesRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-2580
Sammy's KitchenRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-1168
Seafood ShackRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-5881
Seaside Thai CuisineRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-9525
Stoney LonenRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-2664
Summer HouseRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-3895
Sydney's Blues & Jazz RestaurantRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-1339
Terrace Restaurant & BarRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-0115
Theo's Family RestaurantRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-1866
Thrasher's French FriesRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-8499
Top Dog Inc.Rehoboth Beach, DE302-227-3835
Victoria's RestaurantRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-0615
Wahoo Rawbar & Crab Co.Rehoboth Beach, DE302-227-6700
Yesterday's All-American RestaurantRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-5444
Zogg'sRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-7660

Rehoboth Beach Shopping

AccentsRehoboth Beach, DE302-645-6690
Blooming BoutiqueRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-1216
Carlton'sRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-3590
Liquid Board ShopRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-7130
Quiet Storm Surf ShopRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-2747
Rehoboth Toy & Kite CompanyRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-6996
Sea Shell ShopRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-4323
Sea Shell ShopRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-6666
Tanger Outlets BaysideRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-9223
Tanger Outlets MidwayRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-9223
Tanger Outlets SeasideRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-9223

Rehoboth Beach Lodging

Abbey InnRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-7023
Admiral HotelRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-2103
Americ InnRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-0700
Anchorage MotelRehoboth Beach, DE302-645-8320
At Melissa'sRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-7504
Atlantic Sands HotelRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-2511
Atlantis InnRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-9446
Avenue Inn & SpaRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-2900
Barry's Gull Cottage Bed & BreakfastRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-7000
Bayside Inn & SuitesRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-0401
Beach View MotelRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-2999
Bedazzled Bed & BreakfastRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-9482
BellmoorRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-5800
Bewitched Bed & BreakfastRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-9482
Boardwalk Plaza HotelRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-7169
Brighton Suites HotelRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-5780
Canalside InnRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-2006
Cape SuitesRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-3342
Comfort InnRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-1515
Corner Cupboard InnRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-8553
Crosswinds MotelRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-7997
Delaware InnRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-6031
Dinner Bell Inn & LodgingRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-5800
Econo Lodge ResortRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-0500
Gladstone InnRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-2641
Hampton InnRehoboth Beach, DE302-645-8003
Henlopen CondominiumsRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-6409
Henlopen HotelRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-2551
Heritage Inn and Golf ClubRehoboth Beach, DE800-669-9399
High Seas MotelRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-2022
Holiday Inn ExpressRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-4030
Holly HavenRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-8378
Lighthouse Inn Bed & BreakfastRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-0407
Lord & Hamilton Seaside InnRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-6960
Lord Baltimore LodgeRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-2855
Melbourne Guest HouseRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-2007
Ocean BreezeRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-8199
Oceanus MotelRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-8200
Pirates Cove MotelRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-2844
Printz Motel Efficiency ApartmentsRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-9411
Quality Inn & SuitesRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-2400
Rehoboth Guest HouseRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-4117
Rehoboth InnRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-2410
Rose Bud Bed & BreakfastRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-9700
Royal Rose Inn Bed & BreakfastRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-2535
Sandcastle MotelRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-0400
Sea Esta Motel IVRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-5882
Sea N StarsRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-2742
Sea Voice InnRehoboth Beach, DE302-858-7173
Sea Witch Manor Bed & BreakfastRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-9482
Shore InnRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-8487
Silver Lake Guest HouseRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-2115
Sirocco MotelRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-9324
Summer Place HotelRehoboth Beach, DE302-226-0766
Sun View MotelRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-3651
Sussex House Bed & BreakfastRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-7860
The Breakers Hotel & SuitesRehoboth Beach, DE302-227-6688
Wild Swan InnRehoboth Beach, DE302-645-8550

Rehoboth Beach Real Estate

Rare find - 3BR/2BA townhouse in South Rehoboth Beach with views of Silver Lake for $539,900! Stunning white Corian counter tops, new stainless steel appliances, fireplace, comfortable loft and owner's suite with private bath. Located approximately 4 blocks from the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk, shops and restaurants which are easily accessible via the walking 'foot bridge' crossing Silver Lake just North of the property!

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